Digitize your Factory


Generating paper reports of your production data:

1. Is a nightmare to search and trace

2. Is painful to store and maintain

3. Is error prone and obsolete

We can digitize your production data


Process Understanding

This initial but vital step allows us to identify the key constraints and opportunities to implement the solution.

Information related to machines, infrastructure, environmental conditions are all important information.


System Design & Install

System design involves the selection of sensors, controllers and other peripherals which will be used to collect the production data.

Processes which are manual can also be digitized by the proper sensors in the hands of the operator.


Data Logging & Reports

Once the systems are in place and the data is captured, it is vital to report the data in a form which the end users will understand.

The reports could replicate the paper form but as a digital copy.

Once in the digital domain, new features can be implemented

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